Stitching and sickness

I’ve been pretty absent due to being busy stitching to complete a gift then being a bit poorly. So for the good news – I finally finished a cross stitch project I started and gifted it to it’s new owner, my sister in law.

She loves The Wizard of Oz so I cross stitched her this:
Photo 25-07-2014 13 31 00

She loved it and it now takes pride of place in her hallway. If your interested I purchased the pattern on Etsy from fiddlestickus

And I’ve been out of action since some of the dental work I’ve been having to restore my teeth flared up a infection and made my face swell after having a re-root canal treatment so had to take a lovely course of antibiotics and lots of painkillers!! And then just as I was getting normal again I now seem to have acquired a flu like virus – so fingers crossed I’ll be back to 100% soon…

Lots of love

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Festival camping bargains

When the lovely people at Home Bargains heard we were going to Glastonbury Festival they sent us some goodies to take along…


The Flower sunglasses were gladly received and worn around the festival – definitely not something I’d wear usually but were great for the festival feel and at £1.99 it doesn’t matter if drunkenly you drop them on the floor and break them! (I didn’t do that of course!) A friend of mine loved them and was going to go buy herself a couple of pairs.

We immediately packed the Fold up rucksack so we could carry down our things each day but unfortunately we overloaded it with cider drinks! and the handles came unstitched, whoops. But was a fab cheap bag which is better suited to carrying your ponchos and light items but for the price of 99p is amazing! We will be going to purchase a least a couple for future use. What we did use for carrying our drinks down was the Festival cooler bag £2.49 which I loved! It got absolutely covered in mud and when it was empty on the last night my hubby tried to persuade me to chuck it away but I refused and carried it to Shangri-La and Arcadia and it came home with us still covered in mud! And still in perfect usable condition, once clean!


The Camping enamel bowl, 89p and plate – I didn’t actually get round to using as I kinda forgot to pack food as well as alcohol drinks! But looks a better choice than the plastic ones I bought last year which have gone a bit misshapen! So think I’ll go get a few more to have a set for the family.But I did use the 12pc Cutlery set 99p for making coffee and pasta mug shot things (that I did remember!) and at one point we bought a loaf of bread and some butter for the small sum of £5!! And managed to make toast!

Baby wipes, 59p were well used for wiping mud from ourselves and everywhere else!! The poncho is a bargain for £1.29 as when it rains at a festival they charge anything from £3-£6 for one! I had a lovely pink unicorn one so didn’t use this one and when my hubby did need one he didn’t bring it down on the day! hence knowing the prices you can pay!

A couple of other things we didn’t use were the Camping Pillow 79p as we took our own pillows from home – that’s the luxury of space taking a camper but definitely a must for packing light if your tenting it and the Foldable water bottle 79p was fab but we tended to take bottles of drink down with us so we could just chuck bottles away as the less to carry the better!

Well at the end of this post we sound like alcoholics! In hindsight we drank very little and only in the evenings but had to pack each time to carry down for the whole day and tried not to spend money on alcohol down there at £4.50 a pint!

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Glastonbury Festival is amazing!!


We had the most amazing time at Glastonbury Festival!! It has taken me pretty much the entire week to recover though! We took our trusty campervan with us and it was great and we got a fab spot.

The first thing that I knew was going to surprise me was the size – it is soooo big! I don’t think anybody imagines before going the scale of it. Shops, food outlets, bars and of course the stages – which are a fair distance apart!!

We got to see most acts we wanted, some we hadn’t planned on and a couple by default that we’d never heard of. Best act for me had to be Metallica with Ed Sheeran as a close second – but everyone we saw were awesome.

There was a lot of walking!! I reckon we were close on 100 miles in 4 days – I only wish I’d worn a pedometer to tell you how much exactly! But I guess all the walking cancels out the food and alcohol you consume whilst being there!

My fave stage has to be the pyramid stage and I loved the glade and the random dance tents. We did visit Shangri-La and Arcadia but not till the Sunday, so there definitely places I want to visit again on a busier night. I also want to actually make it to the healing/craft fields and the Park stage next time. Apart from those places I think we made it everywhere else!

We witnessed a scary thunderstorm on the Friday whilst watching Rudimental which bought the rain and then the famous mud! I’m so glad I packed my wellies as I pretty much lived in them the whole weekend! I’m still shocked that I didn’t fall over in it!

glasto2014Bring on the ticket sale for next year – and everyone who’s thinking of going, it was horrible muddy and cold – you wouldn’t like it! (Don’t steal all the tickets!) hehe


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