How to start a career in Nails & Beauty


Offering the chance to master an intricate skill, work with a variety of clients and exercise creativity on a daily basis, there’s no wonder the beauty industry is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. However, due to its popularity, the industry can be highly competitive. For any budding beauticians who are looking to enter into the world of nails and beauty, here are few simple steps to help you kick start your professional career and enhance your credentials to future employers.

Work experience
If you haven’t already undertaken work experience, completing an internship at a nail salon or beauty parlour can help you gain the practical skills and commercial insight that may be needed later down the line. During your work experience, you may be asked to complete a variety of beauty salon duties and observe or even practice basic treatments, such as manicures and pedicures.
It will also provide you with the chance to build upon your interpersonal skills (a crucial skill when working in a line of work that is heavily customer service based). Not only will you have the chance to practice your skills, practical experience will also look great on your C.V and demonstrate to potential employers that you have taken the time to pursue your interests.

Perhaps the best way to start your career in the nail and beauty industry is by attending an accredited training course, offered by reputable companies such as NSI UK. For beginners, there are an extensive range of foundation courses available, providing comprehensive training in products, treatments, techniques, health and safety, tools and more.

Combining elements of both theory and practice, basic training courses provide a solid platform on which to build knowledge and skills, specially designed to help the novice reach that next level of proficiency.

Course specific
After you have completed a foundation course, you are then free to choose the specific field of work you want to specialise in. In order to steer your career in the direction you want, there are a few practical considerations to consider. For example, you may want to include nails as part of the broader beauty course, or opt for a specialised course that can be adapted to suit your particular interests and learning requirements.

As well as beauty and nails, you may also want to think about gaining extra qualifications to perform a variety of additional treatments, such as waxing or massage.

Career choice
There is a whole host of career variations when it comes to nails and beauty, and once you have completed your professional training, you will need to determine what type of working schedule you want to pursue. For example, you may want to become a self-employed beauty professional, offering a private, mobile appointment service. Alternatively, you may want to consider working full time in a beauty salon, or eventually want to own your own business.

Once you have decided upon your preferred line of work, you can then take more advanced training to suit your specific learning requirements and meet your long term ambitions.

Once you’re qualified and ready to start your career, it’s important that you take an organised approach to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment to become a professional technician or therapist.Typical beauty supplies include products, appliances and furniture accessories, such as hand support systems.

You may also want invest in handy electrical gadgets to aid application, including drills, file bits and drying stations. Other essentials to consider include cotton pads, brushes, art tools and accessories.

Final considerations
Don’t forget that you will also need an appropriately sized beauty box to hold and organise all of your products and various tools. Evoking a professional image is vital when dealing with new customers or clients, so make sure that all of your equipment is high-quality and durable.

It’s also important to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and make sure that you have the most modern versions of equipment to perform new treatments when required.

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Skull Style – My wardrobe wants…

Skull Style B

Banned Sugar Skull Bolero Cardigan £21.99 / Monkey Business Gothic 3D Skull Top £22.99 / ANTIbrand Gothic Skull Crowd Leggings £19.99Kreepsville 666 Xray Skull Tunic Dress £29.99 / Loungefly Gothic 3D Skull Purse / Disturbia Gothic Storm Dress £42.99

A post popped up on Facebook with some new items in stock at Kate’s Clothing – so I thought I’d have a nose on their website and make a little wishlist of wardrobe wants and thought I’d share my picks with you all.

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Top 5 Best Buy Home Gadgets – Making housework easier

Photo 12-09-2014 18 53 56

1 – Washing Machine - The most common of home gadgets and I don’t need to tell you what it does! My fave setting is the 30 minute wash which is fab if your in a rush and the handwash setting as who actually washes by hand? (Not me!)
*Top tip – Set your washing on timer to finish when your getting up – cleaning whilst asleep rules and you won’t get that horrible left in the machine smell if you go out first thing every morning.

2 – Tumble Dryer - Also more of a common gadget to own but in my opinion one of the most important one’s I own. I love being able to dry clothes on the line but on the rainy days and through the winter having a tumble dryer is great. Mine has a bone dry setting and it stops when it’s dry and continues to spin every so often to keep refreshed.
*Top tip – Set your tumble to dry on timer whilst your asleep to wake up to freshly dried clothes.

3 – Vacuum Cleaner - But I have no ordinary vacuum, well I have a Dyson Ball which is fab…but if we’re talking about making housework easier I have a Robo vacuum cleaner! Just press the button and off it goes vacuuming the whole house and neatly put’s itself back on the dock when it’s finished. It learns the layout and works out how to clean the most efficiently. You can also put it upstairs and it has a sensor so it doesn’t fall down the stairs!
*Top tip – Set your Robo before you go to bed to come down to a lovely tidy floor in the morning.

4 – Steam Mop - Now once the vacuuming has been done you can whip round with the steam mop on the hard floors (and carpet if you wish) It’s fast, efficient and dries so much quicker than using a mop and bucket. I also use a microfibre floor sweeper to dry even quicker.
*Top tip – Use scented ironing liquid instead of water to leave a pleasant smell behind.

5 – Window Vacuum - Now this is a new addition to my gadgets and I already love it! Spray, wipe then use the vacuum that has a wonderful squidgy for quick smear free windows. Don’t know how I coped without it – oh yeh I hardly cleaned my windows!
*Top tip – No need to use the fancy concentrated spray as soapy water in a spray bottle works just as well if not better.

Is there’s any other gadgets that you have that you love? Please let me know…


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