Top 5 Best Buy Home Gadgets – Making housework easier

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1 – Washing Machine - The most common of home gadgets and I don’t need to tell you what it does! My fave setting is the 30 minute wash which is fab if your in a rush and the handwash setting as who actually washes by hand? (Not me!)
*Top tip – Set your washing on timer to finish when your getting up – cleaning whilst asleep rules and you won’t get that horrible left in the machine smell if you go out first thing every morning.

2 – Tumble Dryer - Also more of a common gadget to own but in my opinion one of the most important one’s I own. I love being able to dry clothes on the line but on the rainy days and through the winter having a tumble dryer is great. Mine has a bone dry setting and it stops when it’s dry and continues to spin every so often to keep refreshed.
*Top tip – Set your tumble to dry on timer whilst your asleep to wake up to freshly dried clothes.

3 – Vacuum Cleaner - But I have no ordinary vacuum, well I have a Dyson Ball which is fab…but if we’re talking about making housework easier I have a Robo vacuum cleaner! Just press the button and off it goes vacuuming the whole house and neatly put’s itself back on the dock when it’s finished. It learns the layout and works out how to clean the most efficiently. You can also put it upstairs and it has a sensor so it doesn’t fall down the stairs!
*Top tip – Set your Robo before you go to bed to come down to a lovely tidy floor in the morning.

4 – Steam Mop - Now once the vacuuming has been done you can whip round with the steam mop on the hard floors (and carpet if you wish) It’s fast, efficient and dries so much quicker than using a mop and bucket. I also use a microfibre floor sweeper to dry even quicker.
*Top tip – Use scented ironing liquid instead of water to leave a pleasant smell behind.

5 – Window Vacuum - Now this is a new addition to my gadgets and I already love it! Spray, wipe then use the vacuum that has a wonderful squidgy for quick smear free windows. Don’t know how I coped without it – oh yeh I hardly cleaned my windows!
*Top tip – No need to use the fancy concentrated spray as soapy water in a spray bottle works just as well if not better.

Is there’s any other gadgets that you have that you love? Please let me know…


Is it wrong to strive for more…

or should we be grateful for what we’ve got?

I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world what with work and the kids off school for the summer but today whilst putting the washing away I was pondering the question – should I be grateful for what I’ve got?

cottageFor example – A dreamy cottage!

Now I do love our house, we live in the house I grew up in from the age of 7. But it’s not THE house, its not my forever house. But thinking that does make me feel guilty – albeit it is a generous sized house to many, yet only 2 bedrooms upstairs means the kids share (and they are getting to the age where they need their own space now) I’m sure many are struggling in much smaller spaces with some living at parents or all sharing a room, which makes me think I should definitely be grateful that we have a nice house.

Although is striving for more important? Is that what drives us all along in life? To push ourselves harder at work because we long for that bigger house or that newer car? I like to tell myself it’s ambition that makes me crave that dream house – I love looking at all the houses for sale on right move and wondering what it would be like to live there, I don’t even want a big house – just 3 bedrooms will do but the exterior is what draws me in. You can make a house look however you like inside but it’s the period/cottage/character of a house that I crave. A nice gravelled drive and a house bursting with history and character is my dream. Will I ever achieve it? Who knows but I’m sure I’ll keep hoping and nosing online!

Do you live in your forever home? Maybe we should share our houses! Who lives in a house like this could be a new feature! Who’s up for it?

photo credit: UGArdener via photopin cc


Stitching and sickness

I’ve been pretty absent due to being busy stitching to complete a gift then being a bit poorly. So for the good news – I finally finished a cross stitch project I started and gifted it to it’s new owner, my sister in law.

She loves The Wizard of Oz so I cross stitched her this:
Photo 25-07-2014 13 31 00

She loved it and it now takes pride of place in her hallway. If your interested I purchased the pattern on Etsy from fiddlestickus

And I’ve been out of action since some of the dental work I’ve been having to restore my teeth flared up a infection and made my face swell after having a re-root canal treatment so had to take a lovely course of antibiotics and lots of painkillers!! And then just as I was getting normal again I now seem to have acquired a flu like virus – so fingers crossed I’ll be back to 100% soon…

Lots of love


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