Where to shop, eat & dance in Bath!!

So at the weekend we went to stay in Bath for the weekend – we indulged in shopping and food, lots of food!! Oh and not forgetting some drinking and dancing…

11125256_10155478372880188_1514440837_n1 – Funko POP! Manolo (DotD) £11.99 Funko POP! La Muerte (DotD) £11.99 2 – Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50 The Comforter Bubble bar £4.75 3 – L’Oreal Age Perfect Serum £9.97 Mua Baked Eyeshadow Trio £2.50

I’ve recently started collecting Funko POP! figures, I signed up to a monthly subscription called Pop in a box but I current resist buying a couple and walked what felt like miles to American Dream Comics to pick these up. I loved the film The Book of Life and especially love day of the dead anyway so these seemed like a good choice. I already have Penny (the governors daughter) from The Walking Dead. You can also check out the Pop Shop raffles on Facebook which is a great way to up your collection.

I couldn’t walk past the Lush shop without purchasing something yummy smelling! I get very dry lips so thought a lip scrub could sort that out and everyone keeps raving about bath bombs but after losing my sense of smell trying to choose I went for a fruity berry bubble bar.

Popped into Superdrug as they have the serum I love half price – I use this before I moisturise as I suffer from dry skin on my face too. I have been buying the odd item of MUA products to test them out and actually bought the Velvet Lip Laquer in the colour Kooky which isn’t pictured and I love it on. The eyeshadows I haven’t played with yet but will keep you updated.

Paperchase is a must visit shop for stationary lovers, even just browsing is a good fix! I was good and just bought some cards in the sale. I love the pango cards which glow in the dark and thought they’d be fab to give for kids birthday cards.

11139576_10155478373025188_902359303_n (1)

1 – Fudge £16 for 4 slices boxed 2 – Throw £3.70 40 LED lights £2.50 Rope Flip flops £2.50 Arrow Flip flops £8 Handbag £5 3 – Blank journal £2.50 Copics Ciao £2.80 each

Naughtily we were tempted into the gorgeous smelling Fudge Kitchen and bought 4 slices – Sea Salted Caramel, Maple & Walnut, Butterscotch and After Diner Mint which are sooooooo tasty and we sampled each one including snickers which was equally yummy.

Primark has to be done and although it was a smaller store that what we have in Bristol I still managed to find some bits. The throw was reduced from £4.50, I bought the lights because I want to make my own fairy lights to hang in the conservatory which I will share when done, Flip flops for when it gets too hot to keep wearing boots and a cute little handbag for my little lady. I did also buy some black high waisted jeans for £13 which I wore whilst away!

On the way home we sneakily detoured to Hobbycraft which is actually in Bristol for me to pick up a blank journal and some Copics in preparation for my skin and hair course that I have purchased from Kit and Clowder which I have been eying up for some time and can’t wait to start.


We ate a lot of food whilst away and I loved every bit! We visited The Crystal Palace Pub the first evening and I had a Chalcroft Farm Beef Burger and Chips with a Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream which was very reasonably priced and a lovely pub. Then we visited The Gin Bar which was dark, noisy and cool! I’m not a gin lover so went for a vodka and pink lemonade which tasted like rose turkish delight!

The following evening we dined at Martini, a traditional authentic Italian restaurant with a great atmosphere that I throughly recommend – I choseTagliatelle pasta with goats cheese and roasted vegetables which had a lovely Italian name that I don’t remember and was a special that I can’t look up and then the most amazing desert ever!!!! Tartufo Amaretto, an amaretto core covered with vanilla gelato rolled in crushed amaretto biscotti – you must go try it!!! Then we did briefly visit a very popular cocktail bar The Porters Cocktail bar but it was so packed we decided to go elsewhere and wandered round and ended up in a Irish Bar called Molloy’s that was full of hens so we decided we wanted to dance and walked miles again (past the comic book shop in fact!) to get the Bath’s biggest club Club XL for some cheesy dancing to 80’s & 90’s music until 2am.

Last indulgence of the weekend was 3 course lunch at the Hilton. Pate salad to start, yummy pork roast and Chocolate fudge cake for desert and then we were stuffed and ready to walk back through the high street and head home.

Lovely weekend with lovely company, definitely recommend taking a visit :) Let me know if you visit or have visited and what you loved…



First but not the last tattoo…


This weekend I had the pleasure of being part of the tattoo convention crew at Tattoo Kulture Seaside Shindig – I’ve never attended a tattoo convention but it’s safe to say it will not be my last!!

I have always loved tattoos and as I’ve grown older I know what I want and I am glad I’ve waited to start collecting bigger pieces. It definately hasn’t helped working in a tattoo studio!!


1 – Kustom Kulture 2 – Bunny by Tori Treasure 3 – Best of Sat by Lee Clements 4 – Skull by Gray Silva

We had a fab start to the weekend with a pre party at The Twist Retro bar, then onto the first day of the convention with buzzing galore and show stopping burlesque dancers and a appearance by The Cherry Rebels. Then it was home to freshen up before heading back out for the after party at The Brit Bar with entertainment from All Cramped Up. I was happily being sensible drinking to prepare for the next day and was extremely put out when informed at 1am the clocks had gone forward!!


1 – The Copper Feel Cabaret 2 – All Cramped Up 3 – Best of Show by Glen Preece 4 – The Coffin Nails

So in bed by 3am and then back to it Sunday morning for a mega packed day of punters and more burlesque dancers, tattoos galore and a performance from The Honky Tonks and The Coffin Nails. Then it was time for awards – which I can imagine must have been hard with such highly talented artists present!
An awesome time was had, friends were made and I can’t wait to do it all again next year! Now to add tattoo convention assistant to my cv!!


Photographs by Glenn Blake aka G-Man


Being pregnant cured my migraines…

This has been on my mind recently, mostly down to Linda on Eastenders being pregnant! Random I know but made me think again about babies – I loved being pregnant, but 2 is enough for me! Although it doesn’t stop me thinking what it would be like to be pregnant again, but for me I feel the option isn’t there for me as I wouldn’t want to undo what being pregnant last time fixed.

I starting suffering with migraines at the age of 11, I gave up chocolate and cheese at that age as it seemed to be my main triggers. At 18 I was still getting them and more frequently, so I gave up dairy. This resulted in not being able to eat a lot, making eating out difficult as I avoided lactose and milk powders and I would have to cook everything from scratch.
Although giving up all this made it better, they still didn’t stop altogether. When I feel pregnant with my daughter, the further into my pregnancy the worse the migraines got. And once I had, had her they started to come on with seemingly no triggers. My best solution was to take co-codamol and go to bed.

When I fell pregnant with my son I was prepared for them to get worse again, but surprisingly they reduced the further I got into the pregnancy with them completely stopping by the time I was six months pregnant. I proceeded through the pregnancy and after without any migraines, when he was about 3 months old my husband pointed out it had been so long since I had a migraine that I should try some chocolate! After so many years I found it hard to try but figured I had nothing to lose and ate one quality street and waited 24 hours (that’s how long it usually took for a reaction) and nothing happened. I then upped my intake of chocolate, cheese and dairy into my diet and no reaction!!

My son turns 5 next month and in all that time I have had probably a few migraines – I seem to get one on the tail end of a virus but that’s it!! A huge difference to before having my son, and to think we were planning on only having one child! I’m so glad, not only is it a joy to have a girl and a boy – he fixed me and changed my life! I can now eat whatever I like. I don’t think even if I wanted to I would risk having another baby just in case, and I’m wondering if there is anybody out there that has experienced the same as me?
photo credit: NikonGirl1969 via photopin cc

*P.S. I don’t want to be responsible for a baby boom, I can’t guarantee it cures everyone!


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