Why the NHS Dental system has failed me

I am not one to slate a good service, I can see both sides of everything and I am a dedicated defender of the NHS Health service. Working in the local Hospital I will always stick up for the staff especially nursing staff who do a fantastic job.

But this isn’t about illness and nursing – this is about my personal experience with NHS dentists. Now I was an unlucky one who was destined to have bad teeth, both my parents have fairly bad teeth and I must admit growing up I wasn’t one of the best at avoiding the fizzy drinks and sweets.

Aside from that though I had weak teeth and from a young age I had fillings. Just fillings, but as I grew those fillings started to fail, so they were replaced with bigger fillings – then the tooth began to break, the filling would fall out and the tooth would have to be extracted or the ones that didn’t needed root canal treatment. When I was in my twenties a dentist said to me I don’t understand why your teeth weren’t crowned as you’d still have most of them.

Great thanks for that too late for that advice now! And it’s not like I have stayed in the same dental surgery, I have been to about 4 different ones – one told me I’d probably have to have all my teeth removed. Amazing, at the age of 25 let’s take all my teeth out and give me a denture so my face caves in and I look 60 by the time I’m 35!

Along the way a lot of my teeth were root canal treated and root filled – now all of these have failed!! After having a scan, none of them are any good!! Most just weren’t done to the bottom of the root and some even have roots not done at all! And guess what? You can’t get re-root canal treatment and filling on the NHS!!

I’m past the NHS help! They’ve got my into this mess by not making better decisions when I was younger and now they can’t fix it – they could remove them all but I already don’t have any back teeth on the bottom at the age of 30! If I can save the teeth I still have why would I remove them and resort to a denture. That is all they would do for me now.

I have visited about 4 private dentists in the town I live in and I have picked the one I am confident with can help me regain some control over my teeth and help me to maintain them. Through having an extensive assessment including xrays it has been found that all root fillings have to be replaced along with the other fillings – I have infection and decay plus where I have spent time with no bottom teeth my top teeth have dropped down not allowing any room to have implants or even a denture.

The plan of action to do all the restoration work to get me just up to a healthy mouth is in the region of £11,000! I can then be fitted with a brace to bring my teeth back into alignment and correct positioning which will allow me to maintain them easier and will take approx a year and a half. Then to finish 2 implants in my bottom jaw to allow me to actually be able to chew effectively and keep my teeth in optimum positioning which will bring the total up to near on £20,000.

Now trying to get my head around the cost is very hard – but if I don’t even get the restorative bit done things are going to get a lot worse. I have a big abscess in the missed root and my top teeth will continue to drop if not supported. I really don’t have much choice, and trying to work out how I’m going to fund this is proving stressful.

I’m hoping that I’m a minority, but would love to hear other people’s stories. Have you been through similar???

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Daydreaming of Vlogging

I don’t know about you, but I’m a daydreamer, a head in the clouds dilly dallier! The days pass me by seemingly so fast and things I’ve planned end up a week later and I am always late for everything!!

I’m also so very easily distracted – but that comes with the territory right? So all the things I’ve started like various crochet projects get left in the box because something else has grabbed my attention. Sometimes that can be a new craft project or just some new exciting idea!!

So this weeks distraction comes in the form of vlogging (for those of you who don’t know, it’s blogging with a video much like a video diary) – it’s something I have been excitedly thinking about getting into, and I have lost countless hours watching other Vloggers for inspiration, tips or just pure entertainment.

Watch this space to see if I manage to venture into the video world and if you do vlog or recommend some Vloggers then get in contact by commenting below, on my facebook page or tweet me @skullmadmama

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

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Skull mad makes…

Photo 06-04-2014 17 08 26

And my wip(work in progress)
Photo 06-04-2014 17 05 16
1-Harry Potter Cross Stitch (Pattern by Hazel’s Farm) 2-Retro V Crochet Jumper 3-Spring Crochet Wreath

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