Fab Friday Faves

1 – Blooma Maury Solar Lantern £7 2 – Funko Pop! Vinyl Thor Figure £8.99 3 – Xbox One Lego Marvel Super Heroes £18.95 4 – Garnier Moisture Match £3.99

Blooma Maury Solar Lantern – I bought this to hang from the hanging basket hook I have on the front of the house as I am incapable of keeping plants alive! For the price it’s a fab product with glass sides and it’s LED light in the candle flickers to look quite realistic and it’s cute and cosy, I’ve just bought my mum 2 for her pergola in the garden.

Funko Pop! Vinyl Thor Figure – My newest obsession and in my defence I don’t really collect anything other than Harry Potter stuff, after seeing Avengers Age of Ultron I just had to start collecting the figures and started with Thor as he’s my fave. He brings my collection to a tiny 4 for now!! (Not including kids collection)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Originally this was bought for my son and us to play with him and although we do have little sessions on it with him, me and the hubby love playing it! It’s a huge games so I throughly recommend it – I’ve also gone old school and got Harry Potter Lego and started on that which little man enjoys too.

Garnier Moisture Match – I struggle with super dry skin and use serum, moisturiser and primer, although having to use so much so often means that although the more expensive moisturisers are fab they just don’t last long enough! I thought I would start trying the affordable options and on first pick I am loving this one, it’s quite thick and very moisturising, soaks in lovely and doesn’t affect my foundation which some can.


How to decorate a room that can grow with your child


It’s no surprise to the people that know me well that I like a spot of decorating! This time it was the turn for my little man. Since his sister moved downstairs to her own room I felt it was time to make it a boys base.

After painting all the wood and the ceiling I painted the main walls grey using a mix of 1/2 Crown City Break Satin and Crown Brilliant White Matt, then just the Crown Brilliant White above the picture rail. I painted the radiator with Johnsons Blue Matt that I had leftover from previous room paint.

I decided to go for Poster Frames rather than canvases so that we can change the posters as if/when he changes his likes. I tend to paint the walls and then dress the room with themed accessories than can easily be changed.

Beddiing we chose the Marvel comic and a dark grey fitted sheet and I have some blue blackout curtains still to fit as it will be easier from him than the blind he has currently.

Crown City Break Satin 2.5L £18.47 or 2 for £22 at B&Q

Crown Brilliant White Matt £14 or 2 for £25 at B&Q or if you have a Proper Job near £12 each or 2 for £22

Johnson’s paint can be found at Proper Job but I don’t think the blue is a current colour

Poster Easy Frames £10.99 at The Range

Minion poster £1.99 at B&M

Avengers & Comic poster £3.99 each at The Works or if you have a That’s Entertainment they are 3 for £5

Marvel Defenders Bedding £14 at B&Q or £10 at B&M

Blackout Curtains £24.99 at Argos 

If your planning to decorating your child’s room – have fun!


Lazy Eye update – Bilateral squint surgery

11212384_10155572170930188_1393871679_nBefore  &   After 

In February we went to the eye hospital for bilateral squint surgery. I was dreading the day, but kept upbeat and smiley for my little man – he went down about 10am and holding your little boy whilst he gets put to sleep was not easy…at all!! The op lasted about a hour and a half and he wasn’t too happy on waking, we let him sleep it off and kept him dosed with painkillers but he still wasn’t keen on opening his eyes and after managing to get him to eat and drink we were discharged home.

He gave us some sneak peaks and I knew he would be ok, it was slower healing process than stated but everyone is different – we’ve been back for a check up and the healing is going well, the scaring looks good and we go back for a 3 month check up.
This will be when the final position is set, but even now we’re super happy with how they look – it’s weird to think he will still never use both eyes together but his eyes will appear straight with his glasses on (he’ll always have to wear them) and we will continue to patch 2 hours daily until his vision stabilises at about 7 years old.

Very proud of our brave little man,


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