Daydreaming of Vlogging

I don’t know about you, but I’m a daydreamer, a head in the clouds dilly dallier! The days pass me by seemingly so fast and things I’ve planned end up a week later and I am always late for everything!!

I’m also so very easily distracted – but that comes with the territory right? So all the things I’ve started like various crochet projects get left in the box because something else has grabbed my attention. Sometimes that can be a new craft project or just some new exciting idea!!

So this weeks distraction comes in the form of vlogging (for those of you who don’t know, it’s blogging with a video much like a video diary) – it’s something I have been excitedly thinking about getting into, and I have lost countless hours watching other Vloggers for inspiration, tips or just pure entertainment.

Watch this space to see if I manage to venture into the video world and if you do vlog or recommend some Vloggers then get in contact by commenting below, on my facebook page or tweet me @skullmadmama

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

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Skull mad makes…

Photo 06-04-2014 17 08 26

And my wip(work in progress)
Photo 06-04-2014 17 05 16
1-Harry Potter Cross Stitch (Pattern by Hazel’s Farm) 2-Retro V Crochet Jumper 3-Spring Crochet Wreath

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Best gig ever…

I still can’t stop listening to the album and it was 2 weeks ago I got to watch them live!! I went to my first gig and I got to see one of my favourite bands…Fall out boy!

Now I thought I would be surrounded by teenagers – but was surprised to see children right up to my parents age. But being surrounded was one of my fear, I’m a little bit scared about being enclosed by people and this did hold me back from being excited about going along to this gig – although I was pleasantly surprised. We had gone for standing tickets as I didn’t want to be so far back the band were dots! And we stood about a quarter of the way back at the side so I could see the exit, although I was tempted a few times to run right into the middle and start jumping around – I didn’t think people would be impressed by that though!

My rubbish little video!

And to our surprise they swapped to a little stage in the middle of the arena to do a little acoustic set which we were about 10 people back which was amazing.

Video by Peter Forsdike

I honestly had the best time and am very much looking forward to doing Glastonbury for the first time this year and possibly a day at Reading Festival – This year is year of the Music!!!!

falloutboyA few pics that weren’t blurred!

falloutboycrowdphoto by Jack Edinger

Tickets supplied by Seatwave

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