Best gig ever…

I still can’t stop listening to the album and it was 2 weeks ago I got to watch them live!! I went to my first gig and I got to see one of my favourite bands…Fall out boy!

Now I thought I would be surrounded by teenagers – but was surprised to see children right up to my parents age. But being surrounded was one of my fear, I’m a little bit scared about being enclosed by people and this did hold me back from being excited about going along to this gig – although I was pleasantly surprised. We had gone for standing tickets as I didn’t want to be so far back the band were dots! And we stood about a quarter of the way back at the side so I could see the exit, although I was tempted a few times to run right into the middle and start jumping around – I didn’t think people would be impressed by that though!

My rubbish little video!

And to our surprise they swapped to a little stage in the middle of the arena to do a little acoustic set which we were about 10 people back which was amazing.

Video by Peter Forsdike

I honestly had the best time and am very much looking forward to doing Glastonbury for the first time this year and possibly a day at Reading Festival – This year is year of the Music!!!!

falloutboyA few pics that weren’t blurred!

falloutboycrowdphoto by Jack Edinger

Tickets supplied by Seatwave

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