Creativity vs Chores

I don’t know if anyone else struggles with this like I do?

I always feel like chores are never ending, tidying, washing, hoovering. And even if I manage to get the house sorted in the evening – the next day I still seem to feel like I should keep attempting to clean and there is always something that needs further sorting or organizing!

Then when I finally persuade myself to sit down and get some crafting done, I feel guilty and lazy – Even though I’d be enjoying myself!

So I have been on the look out for tips on how to keep the house tip top as I go along and the few tips that stand out the most came from reading IHeart Organising who featured a post from Pretty Organized.

She has a few little tricks in the evening she pops the dishwasher on and her Roomba – which is now on my christmas list!! (Take note hubby!) also she sets her washer to delayed time washing so she wakes up to clean washing ready to be dried. I do use my delayed wash but not as much as I should!

Her last little tip is once she wipes her face in the bathroom with a wipe she uses it to have a quick wipe round the sink and voila no toothpaste glops!

So just a few little quick things could make a world of difference – I have also decided that half hour before bed the kids will make sure the playroom has everything put away and its amazing how much better I feel to sit down in a completely tidy house. (This is probably normal practice for most people! I need to get with the program!)

If any of you have some quick tips you swear by, please leave them in the comments – I NEED to know!

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  1. 76sunflowers

    For a quick bathroom top up grab a sponge and washing up liquid whilst taking your shower!! Have a quick lather up and rinse. I tried it once but ended up using the shower gel. Not perfect but kind of makes sense. Just don’t get over zealous and start showering with Viakil. Ouch!

    1. emmatait

      Good tip! I’d probably get them mixed up haha I’ve always fancied a dispenser on the wall, but that would add to needing to clean that out too I expect! haha

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