Does your child have a Lazy eye? Mine does…

I haven’t shared about this before my little man has a Amblyopia a.k.a Lazy Eye.

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In amblyopia, visual stimulation either fails to transmit or is poorly transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain for a continuous period of time. It can also occur when the brain “turns off” the visual processing of one eye to prevent double-vision, for example in strabismus (crossed-eyes). It often occurs during early childhood, resulting in poor or blurry vision. .

Detecting the condition in early childhood increases the chance of successful treatment, especially if detected before the age of five. The earlier it is detected, and the underlying cause corrected with spectacles and/or surgery, the more successful the treatment in equalizing vision between the two eyes.

We noticed it start to happen late last year – when we sat having tea we would notice his eye turning in when trying to focus. We took him to the optician and got him referred to the hospital and we were seen early this year and we have been alternating seeing the Ophthalmologist and Optometrist who have prescribed him glasses and patches.

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We have been patching the good eye 3-6 hours a day since May to get his brain to start using his lazy eye. And today we went for a check up and were so pleased that not only has his eye started working well his vision has improved immensely. Patching only needs to be done 1-2 hours a day for the next 8 weeks and hopefully we can faze it out completely as his vision with his glasses is nearly equal.

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Unfortunately the eye won’t straighten without the need for surgery which will be our next step once the vision is equal which I’m not looking forward to but we want to give him the best option and especially if he can wear contacts when older most people will never know or with glasses it will then be straight.

I’m so proud of my little man at the age of 3 has taken it all in his stride and even on bad days when he hasn’t really wanted to be patched he has understood its for the best – it helped to do a variety of activities when he was being patched. Jigsaws, drawings to watching telly at a distance and playing in the garden. Also we found a ipad app that is great for him to play whilst being patched called Captain Lazy eye!

Photo 06-09-2013 18 10 52

If I’ve helped just one parent with sharing my experience then I’ll be happy…

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