How being in a relationship can save you money…

I know that when I became single living in my 2 bedroom flat at the age of 22 without my parents help I would have been screwed! At the time I was a newly qualified hairdresser, self employed building up my clientele and had to give this up to try and find a job that would earn me a wage to try and keep afloat with the living costs as a single person. I then thankfully found a friend to come and be my flat mate which took the pressure of a little and was great fun.

I later met my now husband and we were both working full time and life became a lot easier. We could afford to pay for all our living costs and still have money to go out at weekends with friends and go out for dinner with no worries. Looking back now with 2 children later I can’t remember how it felt like to have no one dependent on us but 2 cats and the only major decision was where should we go out to and what new gadget to spend our money on!

Take a look at the infographic and see what you think…

How being in a relationship can save you money
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*This infographic was provided to me as part of a sponsored post

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