Want to be one of those ‘happy people’?

happy peopleFlicking through a magazine on my break at my hospital job I came across an article about becoming more optimistic. This is something I always try to be, but as everyone knows things do try to bring you down.

Some people are born pessimists, preparing for the worse so they won’t be disappointed.

Apparently the most common characteristics are comparing ourselves to others, and when this happens you must distract yourself rather than dreaming of that bigger seemingly perfect house. Do something else – take a walk, cycle, do something you enjoy.

Enjoy the here and now, so when your child moans at you about something- spend some time with them, forget the housework for half an hour – it’s only stressful when we try and do both!

Keep a gratitude diary – write what makes you feel happy and what you’re thankful for, it helps reflect on when you’re feeling down. Write a list of things that make you feel happy – be that sitting down to read, cinema or taking a nice long bath with candles and attempt to do at least one little thing a day will make a difference in how you feel about that day. We need to recognise the pessimistic thoughts but not dwell on them, and it’s all about becoming content with what we’ve got.


What’s on yours?…

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  1. Ha! This sounds so much like me always thinking that life needs a bigger house to complete the happiness. I swing from being really positive to self loathing and thinking life is so crap – when actually it’s pretty ok! Anyhow my happy list would include: do some yoga, bake some cakes – for the children, not me!, chill with Homeland on catch up, sit in a pub garden – just me and the husband, make exciting plans :)

  2. All excellent advice Emma! We did a Happy and You Know It activity a while back where we wrote down one thing that had made us happy each day for a week and then shared our lists – it was really wonderful. Great to find a happy moment even in a crappy day, and then having the lists to look back on is lovely too – suddenly looks like you leave a perfect life, and a really great way to remember. Your post has made me think I’d like to do it again, am off to start making a new list! (you can see some here: http://www.storyofmum.com/content/happy-and-you-know-it

  3. Live a perfect life, even! It doesn’t make you want to leave one… that would be entirely the wrong outcome :/

  4. Excellent advice! Sometimes when I am feeling a bit glum I have a big brainstorm of all the things that I like doing, even if they seem silly or small, like cutting out pretty pictures from magazines :-)

  5. This is such good advice. Sometimes I get caught up in being a bit miserable for what I don’t have when really I just need to be grateful for what I do have. Writing lists is a really good idea :) x

  6. Be thankful is a great way to assert yourself on those when the whole world seems against you.Writing down the things you’ve accomplished each day, even if it’s one thing, it’s something.

  7. Brilliant advice, I’m going to write my own happy list right now. Having been poorly I’ve not been particularly positive this week, so thank you for inspiring me to be more optimistic!

  8. When you’re feeling low it’s difficult to remember the good things so a list would be a really handy prompt.

  9. Loving that I keep reading posts about optimism. Keep it up ladies everywhere!

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